M18 Details

  • M18 is a volunteer program for men who are serious about changing their lives and not a homeless shelter or an opportunity for a free ride.
  • This program is designed for a 4-month stay with the opportunity to be invited to a 1-year leadership development residency upon successful completion.
  • A man may leave at any time, or there may come a time when the M18 staff feels that this ministry has done all it can for me, if so, then they may be asked to leave.
  • There are rules that a resident will have to abide by and they will be working every day.
  • M18 is not responsible for any accidents or any debts/bills that a resident may have during or prior to his stay here.
  • Residents will be conquering their addiction through the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • There is no cost to attend M18.
  • There are absolutely NO women other than family permitted to visit unless the M18 Director approves them first.
  • M18 is not responsible for supplying spending money. This will have to be arranged through the resident’s family members.
  • M18 is a tobacco free / vape free program
  • M18 cannot be responsible for getting residents to doctor appointments, dentist appointments, or court appearances – these arrangements must be worked out through family members and must be approved through the M18 Staff.
  • M18 does not allow the use and or possession of any devices capable of telecommunication or wireless internet access. (phones, tablets, computers, video games, etc.)

For any other questions, email us at info@m18.tv