About M18 Men

We feel a relationship with Jesus, a strong community, serving others, and having fun, are key to lasting life transformation.  Jesus gave us two big commandments, to Love God and to Love Others. In Matthew 20:28, scripture says, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others”.

We believe full transformation for those in recovery comes from:

  1. Accepting Christ and letting his power transform us (Jesus is the way, truth, and life, and knowing him changes everything)
  2. Surrounding ourselves with other believers who can encourage us and hold us accountable (it’s hard to do the wrong thing when surrounded by the right people)
  3. Developing a servants heart, this help us to focus on others and not just ourselves (this can really help others step into their purpose)
  4. Having fun with other believers (you can be sober and miserable, but what is the point in that? We want men and women to see you can actually have fun and be sober too)

A Typical Day at M18 Recovery for Men

1) We start each morning off with prayer & devotion.

2) We serve throughout the day on various serve projects, this helps the men get connected with others in the community and also learning the value of helping others.

3) We then attend M18 Class and various recovery groups, bible studies, and life groups in the evening. We also focus on getting to root problems by helping the men get biblical counsel and or professional counsel.

Other things we add into our schedule, is FUN & time for Community!

4) M18 is known to have fun! We believe that if you cant have fun while you’re sober, then thats just one miserable life! We are not trying to just white knuckle it at M18 Recovery, we are trying to have a good time! We plan a lot of time for this in our schedule as it is important on building good memories and community.

5) M18 Recovery is also huge on building a community around our men. With a strong community, we can hold each other accountable and know that we do not have to be alone in our struggles. When the men come into the program, they enter into a family. A family that loves them, shows them truth, and leads them closer to Jesus.

As men enter the program, they often do not know who they are. One thing we are passionate about at M18, is to show the men they have a purpose in this life. We want to help men understand what it is to be a Husband, Father, and a Son. Our hope is the men will start getting healing from their past traumas, root issues, and start to learn why God designed them and what He designed them for.