About M18 Women

Our heart for M18 Women’s Recovery is to provide an atmosphere where miracles can take place, where lives can be changed, and souls can be saved. Jesus says he has come to set the captives free and that is exactly what we want for the women who come into M18 Recovery”.

M18 Recovery Women’s Facility is a 4-month long discipleship program, showing women a new way of life. We want to teach the women who walk through our doors that they are daughters of a God who loves them dearly and has a plan for them, no matter how far they have strayed away. We want to provide an atmosphere of the love and grace of Jesus Christ, while also teaching the word, biblical principles, and life skills to know how to conqueror and fight the battle of addiction. We want to walk alongside the women as they embark on the journey of healing, getting the freedom they need. We want to help women have a brand new life, becoming restored as well as their family, changing not only their lives, but their children’s, their parents, and families too! 

A Typical Day at M18 Recovery for Women

1) We start each morning off with prayer & devotion.

2) We serve throughout the morning on various serve projects, this helps women get connected with others in the community and also learn the value of helping others.

3) We then attend M18 Class and various recovery groups, bible studies, life groups, and attend church weekly. We also focus on getting to root problems through our classes, and by helping women get biblical counsel and or professional counsel.

Other things we add into our schedule, is FUN & time for Community!

4) M18 is known to have fun! We believe that if you cant have fun while you’re sober, then thats just one miserable life! We are not trying to just white knuckle it at M18 Recovery, we are trying to have a good time! We plan time for this in our schedule as it is important on building good memories and community.

5) M18 Recovery is also huge on building a community around our women. With a strong community, we can hold each other accountable and know that we do not have to be alone in our struggles. When the women come into the program, they enter into a family. A family that loves them, shows them truth, and leads them closer to Jesus.

6) And finally, at M18 Recovery we also focus on family restoration. This is of great importance to us. Addiction impacts the entire family and we want to do what we can to help repair and restore, starting first with the woman, helping her see herself as God see’s her, becoming stronger as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Then doing what we can to help the family member(s) who has also been impacted as well.

A Message from Ashley the M18 Women’s Director:

Beautiful Woman, you are not alone. I know you feel like you are, but God wants you to trust him and put your faith in him, so he can show you his way, his truth, and his life. Addiction isn’t who you are, shame isn’t who you are, defeat is not your name either. Change is never comfortable at first, but worth it in the end. Faith is taking a step even when we cannot see. You have a purpose for your life and God wants to restore to you the years you feel you have lost. He wants all of you and if you’re willing to submit your life to Him, letting go of your way and will, He will do what only He can do, and that is save you, heal you, and help you defeat what you have tried to defeat on your own for years. Friend, don’t do this alone anymore – if you are ready, if your reading this, and you feel him tugging you, just say yes! Let go, and let God. I look forward to meeting and talking to you!

With care,

Ashley Polston

For any questions or more info please email me at ashley@m18recovery.com