At M18 Recovery Women’s facility there is no cost. However, we do require that a women remain committed to doing what it takes to change her life, follow our guidelines, all the while possessing a great attitude while in the program.

Below is a basic list of items to read over to see if you are eligible.
(This is not a complete list of eligibility requirements.) 

  1. You must be 18 or older
  2. You must not be a sex offender
  3. You must be humble and willing to admit you have a problem
  4. Your must be committed to change, honest, teachable, and respectful
  5. You must have a great attitude
  6. You must believe that Jesus can change your life (or at least willing to try)

M18 is a faith based recovery program that uses the Bible as its primary teaching tool.

We are a tobacco-free/vape-free program.

If you think you are a great fit for M18 please apply by clicking the apply button below. After you have filled out the application we will reach out to you for your next steps.